Girodisc is an American manufacturer of two-pieces brake discs.

Central hat section in 6061-T6 aluminum

Slotted brake bands grooved with directional ventilation,

Available conversion kits from original carbon ceramic brake system to cast iron discs.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 15 items

In addition to the classic "upgrade" discs for cars already equipped with cast iron discs, Girodisc also produces kits that allow the plug & play replacement of the original carbon-ceramic systems with two-pieces cast iron discs.

This operation allows several advantages including:

- lower maintenance costs: the replacement of carbon ceramic discs is very expensive (more than € 10,000) and the adoption of a Girodisc kit allows you to only replace the rotor rings at a much lower cost

- cast iron discs operate in a lower temperature range than carbon ceramic, based on the pads used, which reduces thermal stress on the surrounding mechanical parts

- reduction of the phenomenon of cracks typical of carbon-ceramic: although carbon-ceramic discs have a very long life with road use, on the track they can be damaged very easily by cracking around the cooling holes. Girodisc discs in slotted and not perforated cast iron do not have the same problems and have a long life with intense use even when coupled with aggressive pads.

We recommend the combination with Endless, Pagid and Ferodo Racing sport pads.

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