Powerflex manufactures suspension bushings, supports and polyurethane inserts.

Available for all cars on the road.

The bushings have a life equal to that of the vehicle.

Made in the UK.

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By replacing the original rubber bushings on the car's suspension with the Powerflex polyurethane bushings, the car's driveability and responsiveness are improved.

The entire suspension unit works optimally, without excessive movements, ensuring maximum driving precision.

Powerflex suspension bushings are of the highest quality, are made in the UK and once installed have the same life as the vehicle.

All the products of the Road Series line are available (purple bushings, hardness 80A, suitable for road and sport use), Black series (black bushings with characteristic angles adjustment, hardness 95A, suitable for trackday use), Heritage (gray bushings for historical cars) and bushings for different supports (engine, mufflers, differential and chassis)

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Powerflex UK Official Site

Powerflex UK official website