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Showing 1 - 10 of 175 items

The FI-Exhaust systems are manufactured in Taiwan, in stainless steel or Titanium, with the highest quality of materials and weldings, and guarantee the perfect fit

The sound is of high importance during development, a target reached using pipe diameters and curves, x-pipe, bypass valves and direct flow silencers.

When the car is equipped with bypass valves on the OEM exhaust it's usually possible to mantain the stock control system also on the Frequency Intelligent system, but it's also provided a new independent control unit with remote control for manual open/close mode.

As an option it's also available an OBD/bluetooth module that allow to use the Smartphone as a controller and it's possible to program the opening/closing based on revs or other engine parameters.

Various exhaust tips are available: polished steel, black, gold, titanium blue, carbon.

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