Brake systems:

BBK Big brake kits 4 / 6 pots

Rotors / discs

Brake pads

Brake fluid

Braided brake hoses


  • HEL Performance

    High performance brake hoses.

    Official website:

    Components made completely in the UK, assembled in Italy

    Stainless steel fittings and brake lines with PVC integrated cover.

    Customized colors

  • HEL Brake pad shims

    HEL Shims are made of carbon fiber and fireproof resin.

    They are useful for insulating the brake calipers and consequently the oil and brake lines from the heat generated by the pads during sports driving and trackdays.

    Several tests carried out by professional drivers have shown that HEL pads reduce caliper temperatures by as much as 49°C (on average) compared to a caliper without pads.

    Compared to titanium and even more to the steel of the standard anti-vibration plates, carbon fiber has a much lower thermal conduction (carbon: 1W/mK, titanium: 22W/mK, steel: 65W/mK).

  • Brembo

    Brembo - high performance braking systems

    Big brake kits / upgraded systems


    Discs / rotors


  • DBA Brakes

    DBA Brakes - upgrade for braking systems:

    - Perforated, slotted discs with directional ventilation

    - High performance pads

    For sports and motorsport applications


    Braking system upgrades:

    - Big brake kit

    - Floating and single-piece brake rotors

    - Sporty and high-performance pads

  • Endless

    Endless brake pads made in Japan, dealer for Italy

  • Ferodo Racing

    High performance brake pads

    Different materials for road, fast road / track and racing

  • Fri.Tech.

    The Italian company FRITECH, part of the Metelli group, produces high quality components for braking systems.

    It has always been active in motorsport, producing racing brake pads with the "R60" and "R80" compounds,

    well known and used on rally cars, off-road vehicles, formulas, super touring cars and track/trackday cars.

    Since 2023 has also produces brake shoes with racing friction material for cars equipped with internal drum handbrakes.

  • Girodisc

    Girodisc is an American manufacturer of two-pieces brake discs.

    Central hat section in 6061-T6 aluminum

    Slotted brake bands grooved with directional ventilation,

    Available conversion kits from original carbon ceramic brake system to cast iron discs.

  • Hawk Performance

    Hawk Brakes - braking systems upgrade:

    - Perforated, slotted, with directional ventilation discs

    - High performance pads

    For sports, motorsport and offroad 4x4 applications

  • MTEC Brakes

    Brake discs, sports pads and braking system accessories for many cars.

    Discs with different style, a choice between:

    - Drilled and grooved

    - Dimpled and grooved

    - Drilled only

    - Grooved only

    - C-hook

    - 2 piece

    Excellent value for money.

  • Motul

    Brake fluid (oil)

    Heat resistant and durable

    RBF600 & RBF660

    Dot 3, dot 4, dot 5.1

  • Pagid

    High friction brake pads

    Different materials for road use, track days, racing

    RS14, RS19, RS29, RS42, RS44, RSL, RST, RSC

  • PFC

    Performance Friction - braking systems

    High performance brake pads (Carbon Metallic)

    Drilled and grooved rotors

    Upgrade calipers

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