Engine modifications:




Pistons and rods


Reinforced Clutch, LSD and gearbox components



    ARP BOLTS - Automotive Racing Products

    - High strength Hardware for racing engines and motorsport applications: Bolts, washers, nuts and studs.

    - Vehicle-specific Hardware.

    - Lubricants and accessories for engine assembly.

  • DTE Chiptuning

    DTE Chiptuning produces add-on modules and pedal boxes for most of the cars, trucks, tractors and boats on the market.

    Thanks to the Powercontrol add-on module, it is possible to increase engine performance by up to 30% without having to remap the control unit and risking losing the warranty.

    The pedalbox module increases the response and responsiveness of the throttle.

    Assembly for both modules is quick and easy.


    - Specific oil and diff cooler kits

    - Sandwich plates

    - Take off plates

    - In-line Thermostats

    - Oil Coolers

    - Oil Filter Relocators

    - Oil Cooler Accessories

    - Oil Catch Cans

  • King Bearings

    Connecting rod pin bushings

    Tri metallic racing Bearings

  • Mishimoto

    - Intercooler and charge cooler

    - Water radiators and cooling fans

    - Silicone pipes for radiators and boost pipes

    - Catch cans

    - Intakes

    - Accessories


    SACHS Performance produce Reinforced Clutch Kits:

    - improved friction material

    - reinforced pressure plate

    - torque transmission capacity: + 30%

    - noise equal to the original

    - no difficulty in use as with copper clutches

  • Turbosmart

    Trubosmart is an Australian company world leader in the production of control systems for turbo, volumetric and supercharged engines.

    All Turbosmart components are made in Australia and of the highest quality and can be vehicle specific or universal.

    - Blow-off and Pop-off valves

    - External westgates and westgate actuators

    - Manual and electronic boost controllers

    - Oil and fuel pressure regulators

    - Silicone hoses and clamps

    - Gauges

    - Accessories and tools

  • Lubricants and additives

    - Engine oil

    - Oil for manual and automatic transmissions

    - Oil for differentials

    - Additives for engine and transmission oils

    - Fuel additives and Octane booster

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