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Coilovers kits


Antiroll and strut bars

Camber plates

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  • Öhlins

    Öhlins - Road&Track adjustable suspensions

    Coilover kit with height, compression and rebound adustments.

    Dual Flow Valve (DFV) technology, which allows different response to fast and slow imputs.

    Improved comfort and precision on rough tarmac and curbs, maximum wheel control

    Highest quality guarantee by the success in the competitions.

  • KW

    KW - Adjustable suspension kits

    Coilovers with adjustments in height (v1), compression (v2) and rebound (v3, clubsport)

    Camber plates

    Sport comfort and ultra low kits

    Made in germany, reliable and customizable

  • ST

    Adjustable suspension kits

    Manufactured by KW Suspensions

    Coilovers with adjustments in height (ST X), rebound (ST XA) plus option for camber plates (ST XTA)

    Zync plated

    Made in germany, reliable and customizable

  • Bilstein

    Bilstein - Adjustable suspensions and dampers

    Coilover kits with adjustemts for: height (B14 / PSS), compression and rebound (B16 PSS9, PSS10)

    Dampers for OEM springs (B4, B6) and shortened for lowering springs (B8)

    Made in Germany, durability and precision

  • Eibach

    Eibach - high quality steel lowering springs

    Official dealer for Italy

    Pro-kit (black): progressive spring rate for road use

    Sportline (red): more aggressive spring rate, sportier and lower

    Coilovers kit

  • H&R

    H&R - Lowering springs, adjustable suspensions, spacers

    High quality steel lowering springs

    Adjustable coilovers


    Made in Germany

  • Tein

    Adjustable suspensions made in Japan

    Coilover kits with adjustments for height, compression and rebound

    Camber plates

    EDFC electronic adjustment system from inside the cabin

  • BC Racing

    Adjustable suspensions

    Coilover kits

    Separated adjustments for height and compression/rebound

    Camber plates

    Customizable spring rates

  • Wiechers Sport

    Strut bars

    Steel, aluminum, carbon

    Rollbars and sport seat bases

  • Silver Project

    Camber plates

    Adjustable arms

    Engine mounts

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items