Brake systems:

BBK Big brake kits 4 / 6 pots

Rotors / discs

Brake pads

Brake fluid

Braided brake hoses

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  • HEL Performance

    High performance brake hoses.

    Official website:

    Components made completely in the UK, assembled in Italy

    Stainless steel fittings and brake lines with PVC integrated cover.

    Customized colors

  • Endless

    Endless brake pads made in Japan, dealer for Italy

  • Motul

    Brake fluid (oil)

    Heat resistant and durable

    RBF600 & RBF660

    Dot 3, dot 4, dot 5.1

  • Brembo

    Brembo - high performance braking systems

    Big brake kits / upgraded systems


    Discs / rotors


  • Ferodo Racing

    High performance brake pads

    Different materials for road, fast road / track and racing

  • Pagid

    High friction brake pads

    Different materials for road use, track days, racing

    RS14, RS19, RS29, RS42, RS44, RSL, RST, RSC

  • PFC

    Performance Friction - braking systems

    High performance brake pads (Carbon Metallic)

    Drilled and grooved rotors

    Upgrade calipers

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item