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Pistons and rods


Reinforced Clutch

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    SACHS Performance produce Reinforced Clutch Kits:

    - improved friction material

    - reinforced pressure plate

    - torque transmission capacity: + 30%

    - noise equal to the original

    - no difficulty in use as with copper clutches

  • DTE Chiptuning

    DTE Chiptuning produces add-on modules and pedal boxes for most of the cars, trucks, tractors and boats on the market.

    Thanks to the Powercontrol add-on module, it is possible to increase engine performance by up to 30% without having to remap the control unit and risking losing the warranty.

    The pedalbox module increases the response and responsiveness of the throttle.

    Assembly for both modules is quick and easy.

  • Lubricants and additives

    - Engine oil

    - Oil for manual and automatic transmissions

    - Oil for differentials

    - Additives for engine and transmission oils

    - Fuel additives and Octane booster